Middle Ridge, Wisconsin
The Ridge History Park
The Ridge History Park


More is coming to the Ridge Park!


What is our obligation to the past and what are our obligations to the future? These are very philosophical questions, I know, but they are important to ponder in this day and age. Our little park is in an incredibly unique position to educate future generations of a past that many are no longer able to recount first hand.   We are committed to developing a rich and inclusive educational program for area school students and adults alike.


Welcome to the Ridge! – Stay Tuned for more information and activities at the park!

A Public Charette with be held this summer – Date TBA

Learning all about what the park has to offer now, and what we foresee in the near future!


Help the park by renting our beautiful space!  Contact staff for more info.


Order an engraved paver with your loved ones names to be embedded permanently in our park patio.  Contact staff  for more information.