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Announcing our 2022 Summer Youth Programs


What is our obligation to the past and what are our obligations to the future? These are very philosophical questions, I know, but they are important to ponder in this day and age. Our little park is in an incredibly unique position to educate future generations of a past that many are no longer able to recount first hand. And with that in mind, we proudly announce our official Youth Program! Presented by our brand new Youth Coordinator (that would be me), we will be teaching kids the importance of conservation, rural education, agriculture, and so much more through hands-on activities, nature walks, crafts and presentations. There are plenty of opportunities to get your kids involved including our Monthly Summer Programs, our Kids for Conservation Project, School Groups, and our free Halloween Party.


Welcome to the Ridge! – June 18th

A fun introduction to our Park, the Ridge, and everything we have to offer for your kiddos! This includes a tour of the grounds, games, and a sweet treat!


A Lesson on the Farm – July 9th

Learning all about the farming and agriculture up here on the Ridge right on the farm! We’ll learn about everything from crops to cows and more!


Kids for Conservation Project – July 23rd 

Gonna throw it out? Save it for the birds! Old shoes, recyclables, tin cans, wood … you name it, we’ll take it and transform it into beautiful birdhouses and bird feeders! This work day is free of charge and fun for the whole family! Your kids will be hands-on with our volunteer helpers as we make trash into treasure and provide new habitats for our bird friends!


Kites and Krafts – August 20th 

It’s windy up here on the Ridge, which is absolutely perfect for flying kites! We’ll make handmade kites out of our own materials, decorate them, and watch them fly! This day includes many other activities such as games, various other crafts, and another sweet, sweet treat!


Pricing is $15 per child per day or $40 for the full Summer program!

Pricing does not include Kids for Conservation, as this is a free event.

Please email us to register your child as spots are limited!

Payments can be made via check, Venmo, or Paypal.

For any questions or to register please contact Grace Riness here: